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If anybody is reading this who thinks I am or was ever an interior blogger I am quitting being an interiors blogger. See graphic below.

buy nothing day

If you have links to my blog on your blog I will not be remotely offended if you remove them now. In fact, I actively encourage you to do so because I am going to be highly unprofessional from here-on in.

My blog is now going to become a place where I write nonsense about the books I’m reading. And the places we shall be visiting. Back to the old way when I began blogging. This time though with the general theme of English folklore, mythology and Arthurian history, including Atlantis. I might also write about my amazing return to Callanetics – the best exercise in the history of the world.

I shall take photos of the family and put them up here for my aunt to see because she misses us and we haven’t been back to New Zealand for four years. I miss New Zealand and try and avoid looking at any pictures of the beach, or the beautiful glänziges Licht auf’m Wasser.

I’ve bought some amazing things lately for the new house. And I’ve made the best makeshift curtains out of bits of Liberty fabric I bought when Astrid was a baby. And every day I travel through the Sussex countryside on the train to get into London where I go to work in Canary Wharf.

We are truly blessed.

The choice to return to work and give up life as a writer or blogger or photographer was a very conscious one. And I couldn’t be luckier. My year off was an absolute blessing. And my return to work even more so.

Just the last weekend I went into a craft shop and the owner said I should come down on a Friday to bring in my Japanese craft books. I told her I worked and she asked what I did. When I told her I design software for a bank she looked at me and said, oh well, never mind, I guess it pays the mortgage.

It was strange. I don’t think she could imagine how much I love my work designing software for bankers. I don’t think she realised this is the job I was born to do. How, at the age of 20 I’d go and sit with the IT guys in the weekend in their office and voice chat to people in the states on their old Mac Classics. In 1993. Yes, I have grey hair.

Anyway, as nobody is reading this it doesn’t really matter what I say. And this is what I want to write. And this is how I’m going to write here from now on again. As if nobody is reading. Because that’s how I write best. When I’m not deleting hours worth of writing in case it’s the wrong thing to say.

Interiors blog agonising over two days shoots for £100 worth of free stuff = gone.
Charlotte blog of whatever bollocks = yes.