Every Wednesday I usually post a new photo at Vessel Wednesday on flickr. Today I was a bit lazy and put Monday’s photos up and ended taking them down again… ah such is life!!

I was glad I did take them down because I went and found something to shoot just for today and I think it’s one of my best photos. This has definitely got something to do with the new tablecloth. The Swedish tablecloth I had been so looking forward to turned out to be nothing like I had imagined it. The description said 1970s cotton so I had visions of it being a nice, heavy, cotton/linen tablecloth with a nice inky retro print.

Well… it is a very very lightweight dress fabric which seems more to me like early 90s and it isn’t 100% cotton. Anyway – the good news is that because of it I have put on a plain piece of unbleached calico and I absolutely LOVE it!! I would never have thought of doing it otherwise, so thank goodness for the odd off-purchase.

But, more good news – the runner you can see in the background IS heavy linen with inky printing and the colours are divine. Once the walls are painted I will photograph the wall hanging. Can you all tell there are no photos of our walls anywhere!! Soon they all will be white and all will be well in my world. : )