Because we’re so disorganised it was straight after Christmas, Astrid didn’t have much of a first birthday, so I’m now in planning mode for her first and a half birthday at the end of June.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon nana company but I am quite in love with her cute little sugar biscuits in lunchboxes. Amy’s just had a baby but was very open to a custom order. Goodie good!


And because Astrid has just grown out of all her clothes we really are going to need a purple Circle Skirt from 6.5st. (The grey one’s going to need a rest soon.) I’d noticed recently that Clare did a lay-by on a print – so I asked Alison if it would be alright to do that with the skirt. Slowly slowly. Good quality. Built to last. Just like childhood days. I love custom orders and lay-by (and 6.5st french seams). And Astrid is going to love her 1.5 birthday.

ps. Have a look at today’s 44 times two – we’ve broken out of our moulds – and miraculously shot very similar subjects at the same time. It’s very cool.