This weekend saw us up in a small village just out of Leeds and a camera full of photos that need downloading. It also saw some lovely charity shop treasures, green and lovely riverside walks, a few treats for the garden and a lot of rain and cold.


The portfolio site is now ready for public view, although I could spend another week on it easily – print and photography aren’t even in there yet. In between interviews and our daily walks and the fact I put half my portfolio on a hard drive in the shipping. What a brilliant idea that was.

Speaking of shipping it arrives here tomorrow. We’ll have sofas and drawers and a decent choice of shoes and clothes. And a grater. And proper big towels. We’ll have cushions, throws, baking dishes and cookbooks. And on Saturday we’ll have cats! Yes! The pussy cats will be here soon – hooray!

So soon things will be more settled. The little house. The little lives. The little jobs. The little garden. Soon things will all be ticking over nicely. Very soon indeed.