It’s funny how life can happen quite unexpectedly at times. I have last week to thank for the fact I am now working from home three days a week, and now we are sans-nanny, looking after Astrid the other two.

The last time it was like this was back in April or May I think – before Astrid could walk. It’s raining like mad and we’re both a bit ill. I’ve actually properly lost my voice. So going out on the Heath was out of the question. I did consider Cloth House for buttons and John Lewis for some pure wool aran – but no, in true family tradition we made blackberry porridge with yoghurt and maple syrup, and then we baked scones.


Astrid’s got the magic touch – these are the best scones to come out of our kitchen in years. We used white spelt, almond meal and because we didn’t have enough, a cup of white bread flour too. Since then she’s ransacked the house and is now in bed sleeping it off.


It’s so nice to be at home together again. As so many of you have said, it’s precious time together before little chops ii arrives in January.