Something I have so far failed to mention.

We’re home. We. Are. Home.

We’ve got mixed views on being home. The good news is Astrid and Edith are both into the school we came home to get them into. We all miss our walks around the Heath. We all miss the villages in the area we lived in. There’s not really that much to walk to from here. Mt Albert shops anyone?

The cats are happy though. The kids adore the garden. I adore the garden. There’s no rhubarb yoghurt. But there is passionfruit yoghurt. Living here is without a doubt more expensive than London.

So I’m now working full time. And currently I’m lacking much motivation to do anything past that. I get home and cook, we give the girls a bath, put them to bed and then flop out. I miss making, creating, sewing and knitting. I’m half way through sewing a curtain and it’s taking forever because it’s just too hard. Really, it’s dead easy – four hems? Waaay too hard. It’s going to be a beautiful curtain though – vermillion cotton velvet from Trelise Cooper. It’s all pinned. Only two hems to go. Might finish it tonight.

One thing I am interested in though is the garden. So far I’ve planted four feijoas, four guavas, three redcurrants, three blueberries, two passionfruit, six pots of lettuce and a pile of heirloom tomatoes. I’ve also pruned and dug and weeded and cleared; put down bark and de-forested the carport.

In fact I had planned to not sew for a while in order to sort the garden. Really it’s one or the other for me. Both are so demanding. As is having a full time job and a mortgage to pay. Today I was saying to Kevin how it’s not really public knowledge just how expensive it is raising children. Anyone know how much daycare costs? Or a nanny? A lot.

So here we are, back in our beautiful oasis. Thinking about getting chooks and bees. And hinting like mad, Kevin, about the cheese making kit for Christmas.

Oh! And 44 times two lives…