thank you thank you

I’m far too tired to be making much sense really.
Firstly a beautiful white Christmas. A lovely time at home. Time to just be here and be together, quietly.

Astrid and I went out for a long walk in the snow on Saturday and ended up getting caught in a snowstorm. It took us by surprise. That’s the second time in two weeks I’ve found myself caught up in something so unexpected so easily. Two weeks earlier I was caught up in student protest in Russell Square. I managed to get out swiftly but it was astonishing how easy it is to just walk into something with no way out and it can happen so quickly.

Secondly. Thank You. Thank you to you who still carry on reading my blog from fun times to shit times. From being prolific to being barely here. Thank you. And thank you to the amazing Dallas Clayton for sending me a copy of his brilliant new book. An Awesome Book of Thanks.

Astrid can’t wait to get her hands on it (and she can now I’ve written this). Yet more brilliant unicorns and magical creatures. More wonder. More pure imagination. Good for Dallas for being so ace. Good for Dallas for bringing a bit of strange mad himself into the world to make us smile. Thank You.