I’ve been up late tonight ressurecting an old project. Something that’s coming back to life. Soon. Very soon. Very exciting to be back in blog land. And back with my old friends. It’s like waking up after a long slumber. Waking back up to life and love and living and friends!

And I said I’d reply to comments. I need to reply to comments! At the moment I’m reciprocal visiting and commenting on blogs. I am going to figure out a system. I like the way some people reply to comments in their next post.

Food food food food food. That is my important thing. Along with sewing and the garden and family and work and London. And home. And the Heath. And friends.

My secret hobby is spending hours in the evenings carefully coordinating the amazing supplies for the week from Abel and Cole, Goodness Direct and Ocado. And then when it all arrives I spend my time arranging it. And then I cook it into new recipes and I write these recipes into my moleskine notebook. Or for a really good one into my watercolour paper notepad with my Rotring pen. That’s when I know a recipe is becoming a final recipe.

Final recipes being lined up for the other big project this year. Recipes and photos and writing. And my favourite little Rotring pen. Go this year go!

Cardamom cake recipe to follow now that it’s in the proper notebook…