It’s a funny little story this.

I bought a fairly cheap bike online but then thought it was the wrong size so cancelled it all and got a refund. Kevin suggested I find a bike shop nearby as there’s bound to be one in Shoreditch, right? So off down to Spitalfields in search of Cycle Surgery. I of course was totally confused by my map and looked up by coincidence and saw an Evans right in front of me.

Down the stairs and there she is.
Here she is and this is she.

Back to work and into a meeting. Out of the meeting I pounce on my keyboard and order her. She’s the same size as the bike that was too big for me, which really wasn’t at all too big for me. But destiny wasn’t having that bike. Nope. The brownie was waiting.

She’s going to be christened Artemis. The name my first daughter was going to be called. I decided that when I was about five. Kevin had other ideas. Artemis she is. Goddess of forests and hills. Soon to be goddess of the London streets. Hampstead to Shoreditch. HA!