Hello. I’m Charlotte.

Anknel and Burblets are my childhood fairies – and we grew up together in the wonderful paradise that was New Zealand in the Seventies.

I remember the first time I met them; it was raining and thundering outside and I was watching my mother sew. I was not yet three at the time and they just appeared next to her sewing machine, saying hello, smiling and waving.

Since then I’ve joined them on many an adventure; planting our first yellow snapdragons under my bedroom window when we lived by the beach, writing poetry in the rain under the trees, running away from home with a chilli-bin full of grapefruit, climbing tall Norfolk Pine trees and taking aerial photos of our house, concocting luke-warm parsley soup for my grandmother, building a highway up in the trees for our cat Bodha, and making a nice milkshake for my brother out of plaster board scraps and weeds.

They showed me how to pat bumblebees, find magic in rain drops and talk to the trees and flowers.

Together, we moved to London in 1998 to begin a new adventure.

My career has seen me working in some of London’s best agencies as a Designer, Art Director and most recently as a User Experience Architect. I also trained as an aromatherapist with ITHMA at Regent’s College in London in 2005.

Having returned to work after an eight month sabbatical I’m not updating my blog as often as I used to. Please bear with me while I regain some momentum!

September 2014