The girls love the little path down the side of the house where they take their brooms and hide on the little porch where there are taps to play with.

It’s a lovely gentle English summer, if not a touch chilly. Life is brilliant fun – mostly. Daddy even bought mummy a new red KitchenAid food processor that Astrid chose. Last night we baked sour cherry and vanilla spelt and almond meal muffins in our new silicone muffin cases.

We didn’t even need to use the food processor to make them. Easy peasy. Based on this Donna Hay recipe. Just swap out the 2 cups of flour for 1 cup almond meal and 1 cup spelt, we swapped the blueberries out for a cup of biona morello cherries and baked them for about 15 and not 12 minutes.

I am sitting in a café with free wifi, wishing desperately I’d brought a cardigan, but it was hot when I left home for pilates. Today I am meant to be working, which is precisely why I’ll be blogging and uploading to flickr in between bouts of concentration.

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