Well, rather unexpectedly I wound up working full time as of last week. Phew is all I can say. My eyelids are tired as I write this and it’s only 7.30pm. And to coincide with this Astrid has started waking up at 5.30am when she used to sleep through till 8.30am.

So please accept my apologies if I haven’t visited your blog of late. My usually clear bloglines is now telling me I’ve have 296 posts to read.

The good news is I made a dress for Astrid.


And I’m about to make her some trousers. Both are from this book. I have three and I keep choosing things from this one. I think it must be the easy book.


I’ve also made a play mat which is 145cm square – so big enough for now – and when Astrid’s finished with it it will be a picnic blanket. It’s Cath on top. Natural calico on the botton and wadding in the middle.

I didn’t take any decent photos of it – so here is Astrid on it in her new hoodie that Joolsie bought in New York. She didn’t know why she bought it and when she got home from her trip she had an email from me telling her about Astrid’s arrival. She then knew why she’d bought it! It’s super snuggly and cute – and even has Astrid embroidered on the back.


I also painted a painting. It’s very detailed and I think just bits of it look best.


I’ve designed a range of cards which I’m getting printed up. And done my gardening photography portfolio for a local magazine. I haven’t sent it out yet.

I’ve also launched a client website, moved all my hosting from the UK to NZ (which was a major undertaking and isn’t totally sorted yet), designed an exhibition stand and designed and printed a load of business cards. I’ve been out to client meetings, won some new business and… and… and…

No wonder I’m tired.

And one final thing. I have got this book back out from the library. It’s so good. I just love the idea of repurposing old feather pillows into new ones. I do so love feather pillows and can’t wait to make everything in this book that calls for feathers!