The cards and prints go to Maria in London and Veronica in Las Vegas (next to the beautiful desert). I have flown over that desert many many times and it is an incredible landscape.

These are the last remaining full sets of these cards from my 2004 run – making way for the new edition being printed next month.

winners names

And a surprise prize goes out to Nicky, also in London, for a blog contest nobody knew they were even entering when I asked for some help on a typeface decision. Little Orchard shop is slowly slowly coming to fruition. Things are all being put in place behind the scenes.

Nicky wins a Liberty print zip purse / pencil case / make up case – complete with hand stitched lining and a light sprinkling of home-made charm on the zip sewing skills.

zip pouch

Thanks everyone for entering – it was fun – and not to worry if you didn’t win this time – there will be plenty more little contests around here.

Oh, and Astrid and I did pay a visit to our local lovely yarn studio – so please do have a look – it’s over in Lovely Shops.