Well I haven’t sewn anything since I finished the bunny while we were away last week – and I have had so much time for other things!

The Michael Park school fair was wonderful. And I remembered the last time I went I was 24 – so only ten years ago in fact – just before I moved to the UK. First stop was the cake stall and we found the prettiest organic banana cake with borage flowers and nasturtiums to last us the week. I’m just so in love with this cake – borage flowers are just magic aren’t they?


The craft room had pretty much sold out – but I did meet someone interesting. It’s a very long story, but it was the sister of the person I bought my first Japanese craft book from on eBay in the UK. I’m going to visit her next week in her lovely shop, Born, in Remuera.


Sandii and I are still waiting for one of us to win the quilt. Now I’m finally going to join the parents craft group though I’ll learn how to make one like it. The detail on it is just amazing.


The crafts were so so lovely. I don’t remember things like that from the fairs of my childhood. I just remember the dolls and puppets we used to make for the fair although I’m sure they were there. I was more interested in the Fairy Castle and the Magnetic Fish Game than shopping.


We’ve been eating very well too now I’ve got all this newly found leisure time. Delicious salads of beetroot, heirloom carrot and fresh thyme with lemon viniagrette, barbeque fish on Friday, a picnic at Cheltenham on Sunday for Fay’s birthday with poisson cru, rocket and parmesan salad, artisan cheeses, potato salad, barbeque cajun chicken, more beetroot salad, sourdough and pretty banana birthday cake.


Astrid had a lovely weekend. She enjoyed all the activity. Although now when there is no activity shrill yelling ensues. Like now. There is currently yelling. Food doesn’t stop it. Only constant attention. Which isn’t easy when you’re working. But then we’ve got the nanny starting next week. I don’t think I could manage her leaving the house yet so it was that or me not work.


The seedlings came back from Tammy’s greenhouse and the garden is now all planted, complete with irrigation system. To be honest it all looks a bit messy right now so I’ll photograph it once a bit of growing has happened.