the A


Astrid has an amazing singing voice. Did you know that? I knew she liked singing but there has been a transformation. A great transformation.

I was in the kitchen the other day and the most wonderful pure little song was being sung, perfect high notes, and such sweet melody. It was Astrid. And now that Astrid is at Kindergarten she is learning songs to sing. And having singing practice.

Songs like, ‘this is the way we tidy up’, and ‘we go back inside the kindergarten’. Astrid is getting me to teach her ‘rise up o flame‘ – that’s one we learnt at school. And after that we’ll learn ‘wenn der frühling kommt‘. And after that we’ll learn ‘Sumer Is Icumen In‘.

It was so sweet this morning when I walked with Astrid and Edith and Ashley. We got to South End Green after dropping Edith off and I had to run for the bus. And after I’d got on I raced to the top of the stairs and stood there and waved at Astrid in her buggy. And Astrid was so proud waving to her mum at the top of the Red Bus. She was so proud of her mum. And I was so proud to be waving at her from the exciting Big Red Bus.