We seem to be having summer. It’s been wonderful and gorgeous and hot.

I’ve been thinking I could make a list of all the famous people we’ve seen whilst out and about over the past year which I might do one day but I thought I’d probably sound like a complete prat. Although just for Yvonne I will say I stood behind Jamie Oliver in the queue at Pomona today. Chris Martin walks up our street all the time on his way to the Heath. And there was a shooting in our street last week too. Not that anyone famous was involved but our street is now a bit notorious.

Such a gorgeous evening I think I’ll pour myself another glass of wine and finish Astrid’s new cardigan (which looks as though it’ll fit her when she’s about four).

Today was also a momentous day. Last night before I went to sleep I was informed my life would change by morning. And in the morning I wondered what it was and then Astrid turned on the radio. Without going into a very long and boring story, I’ve not had any music for about the last six years – and this morning I realised it was time for music again. Time for an ipod. I love how music changes everything.

But now I have no idea what I want to listen to apart from Chicane, Coldplay, Travis, Dido, Michael Meyer, Superpitcher and Pink Floyd. Basement Jaxx, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Air, Kraftwerk.

Suggestions anyone?