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Dusty plum. Not only for the colour, but for the texture. This cashmere is wonderfully dry. I’ve never come across dry yarn before but really it’s the only way to describe it. Chalky almost. It’s the only time the Knitting Goddess has ever managed a solid and we were the fortunate recipients. But it’s a solid that changes in the light. One moment deepest darkest plum, but a shift in light – and Astrid’s wearing a different colour altogether.

This is the fourth in my raglan series. It’s taken all winter to make. In between knitting projects. To replace the Pear Tree one mummy felted only two weeks after making it. Don’t put Pear Tree in the machine no matter how gentle the cycle.

The Pattern is based on the raglan from The Baby Knits Book – I’ve just upped the measurements to fit Astrid – and made everything much longer – even when to scale.

The past couple of weeks I’ve also baked more cakes. It’s all Astrid will eat right now along with pasta tuna and pesto. And cornflakes. I realised about myself that I go through phases of things in intense bursts. I do the same thing but adapt it – like the cake – same base but a different one every week – summer fruits and coconut – raspberry, poppy seed and sunflower seed – blueberry, walnut and dark chocolate.

Then there’s my Robe Rouge wardrobe. I’ve so far made seven dresses and three pairs of pyjama pants – all from one of three patterns – none in the same fabrics so they all look quite different. Astrid’s wardrobe of smock tops and trousers– same two patterns every time.

Ditto the raglan phase. Which I am now well and truly over.
Until someone needs a new jumper.