I used a Cath Kidston jersey knit for the little top and have so far made 2 pairs of little pants – the kimono ones, and the corduroy pair. On the cord pair I used elastic to gather the waistband and ankles and kimono pair uses vintage silk ribbon.

Astrid’s also wearing her new little hat, which was a nice easy crochet.

The wool is Kimono Angora by Louisa Harding – from Loop of course. The pattern is in the book How to Crochet.

The jumper is made of pretty heavy wool, but I wanted to make a warm jumper that she’ll grow into, that will last the next six or so months.

I just did 2 straight panels: 22 rows of 50 stitches in treble using a 4.5 hook. The sleeves are 35 stitches, 7 rows before I started decreasing. Each row after that I decreased 3 stitches at the start and end of each row for 7 rows. The sleeves are comparatively short, but I will add to the length as Astrid grows.