Our worldly possessions are falling out of our lives.

Piece by piece. Photographed. Bid on. Sold. Packed. Walked to the post office. Bit by bit. I’ve been falling out of my body too a bit of late. Which means I need to go for more walks on the beach. I’ve made a point of not wearing shoes most of the summer. Gone is little ms 37 and a half model feet charles jourdan karl lagerfeld versace casadei robert clergerie bally miu mui. I still have them all. They shan’t be marched out of the house under any circumstances. The campers might.


Yesterday I was organised and packed up all the items that had just finished, waiting for addresses and payment. All done. Then to make moisturisers. Failure to write down a change in recipe last time led to an extra three hours of holding arms out at 90 degree angle, thermometers in hot oil and water, ensuring nothing goes over 67°, ensuring they’re mixed when at exactly the same temperature. Then mix the new thick mix into the original liquid mix. I’m happy I ended up with double quantity as opposed to a runny disaster. Plenty now for orders, shops, craftwerk next weekend.

Saturday we meandered about Newmarket. Nuffield Street. Into Nest to look at Habitat. Kikki k to look at moleskines. Try on prada frames at occhialli. I like the clear horn rim style. Window shop at birkenstock. Mine hurt my feet. Avoid trelise cooper. Rumours of a fabric sale at karen walker were true.


This all rather reminds me of when I worked at Cobalt in London, a branding agency. How people define themselves by the brands they choose, the brands they don’t choose. So many different combinations of brands maketh the different people. When I was in Brazil, Zoe7 talked about how each person takes pieces of information, of teachings, to create their own philosophy, a religion of one.

Which reminded me today of my imaginary project in London, where I wanted to get random people from the tube and create a poster for each; a picture of them in the middle and eight floating bubbles of important things in their life. When you think about all the experiences and all the time that’s elapsed in that person’s life it’s so incredible to think of all of that in one person. It seemed appropriate on the tube where other people are merely obstacles to be moved around, beaten to a seat, overtaken, avoided. Flickr came along a few years after that thought and I thought, well hey, that’s a very large version of that idea.

Other things in freefall: my brain when I had to do hard recipe maths and backward calculations yesterday. Enter nothing in brain. White hazy noise. Then the answer appeared out of nowhere.

Perhaps more white space in brain time stops the falling out of body thing.