We left all our pots and pans behind in the assumption we’d magically be able to afford a set of Le Creuset when we got here. Instead we’ve been living with a £5 set of crap from IKEA, which keeps food colder than the plates do.

Anyway, they must be discontinuing the colourway, but the satin blue range is all half price at amazon. Yesterday I picked up a couple of casseroles (I’ve been told not to buy the saucepans due to rusting handle inners), ramekins, a frying pan, two baking dishes and a mixing jug for just over a hundred quid.

This is all part of The New Interest In Food that is taking place in this household, since again, with this pregnancy too, I completely forgot how to cook around 22 weeks. So I am very excited about new pans and baking things, ready for a bit of a food blogging run perhaps.

Right. I’m going downstairs to rug up and knit a little cardigan.
Still haven’t shaken this cold.

note: I am not resting downstairs at all – I have now decided to have a massive clear out.