And other such thoughts.


in progress raglan jumper from debbie bliss baby knits book

Ah, these last couple of mornings I’ve been dropping Astrid off at our wonderful childminder, heading up to South End Green for coffee and a muffin to plop myself in a cosy chair and knit for an hour before I come back home, up to my little study, to work.

It’s been a stressful past few days. I can’t really talk about it here but needless to say, always listen to your intuition, even if that means thinking you might let someone down or offend them. Especially where your children are involved. Astrid’s fine but we had a serious breach of trust this week and I’m just so relieved nothing happened.

Funny though, after not very nice things happen, well, it’s made our little family feel much closer – in a very comforting way. It’s like we all grew a bit closer to each other this week.

{ 24 weeks today }