Before we left I organised a few house warming gifts to self to ensure we had some personal touches to make the house feel like home when we arrived.


Having white walls and high ceilings means I’m more in love with our new home than I think I’ve ever been with a house I’ve been living in. And coming from IKEA-free New Zealand means it’s always doubly exciting to move to Europe and go crazy at IKEA. Twice!


And while we’re on the subject of inbound post – my Superbuzzy order worth $47.00 had a customs charge of £12.22 (£4.22 tax and £8 handling fee). Add on $15.90 for postage and that makes for one heck of an expensive 2.5 yards of fabric. Lucky then that I bought a lifetime’s supply of fabric last year because I don’t think I’ll be ordering any more in a hurry.