Little Mister Cat went out yesterday morning and didn’t come home all day long. I thought, oh well he always comes home so I’ll just wait and let him come home and he’ll be in sometime in the middle of the night. But then I looked online about what to do if your cat is missing and it said go outside and call the cat go outside and walk around your neighbourhood because odds are on the cat’s close by but is lost or scared or injured so the faster you get out there and call the less time the cat has to travel in the wrong direction and get more lost and get further away.

So, being lazy it took me going down to Kevin and saying shall I really go, he’ll just turn up anyway, I can’t be bothered, but Kevin said go on, go, I can’t go, he only comes to you when you call him and I said but it’s late and I don’t really want to walk around the streets in the dark on my own and Kevin said go on it’s safe so I said I’ll take my phone.

And off I went out down our road and down the main road and back up our old road calling and calling, not too loudly so as to wake up the sleeping children in their beds as there are lots of sleeping children around these days I suppose as a parent I’m now just more aware of them and off I went up our old road, calling and stopping, stopping to listen and along Savernake Road back to our road and looking ahead I thought I’ll just go down that bit of road although logically he won’t be there and I called and stopped and listened to the night air as I always do when out calling Rufus and there a little tiny creature appeared bounding towards me, bounding like a little squirrel and the squirrel was Mister Cat! Mister Cat trotting along, happy to be found. Happy to be found in unfamiliar territory on his fourth time out since we’ve been in London this time.

Little Mister Cat. Scooped up. Not struggling. Happy to be carried home. Home to a big bowl of food and a nice warm bed. Home to his family overjoyed to see him back. Safe and sound.