I don’t know whether i’ve mentioned this – but my main ambition for our trip to the uk this time was to furnish myself with a nice set of le creuset pans. So I’ve been monitoring amazon – and I must admit I’ve been kicking myself for not just buying everything I wanted when the satin blue was half off – but i think I’ve found my final two pieces to complete the set.

Because my life is so exciting I spent all of last night looking for the best pan to buy before we go back because they’re six hundred dollars in New Zealand (also not a joke) and our red habitat one has well and truly died. And because I’m not averse to the odd bit of mixing and matching – and because we like yellow – we bought the olive pan which is quite nicely reduced. I found a nice Tefal Jamie Oliver one but that would be one step too far in the mixing and matching department.

And while I was buying the olive pan I discovered the 26cm olive baking dish which I already have and love is reduced from £20 to £7. And the ramekins are a bit of a bargain too. Anyway just in case anybody wants to know, that’s not bad.

As long as you like yellow that is.

edit: changed my mind today as I saw the olive pan in a shop and it’s way too shallow and small so I bought the non-stick lidded wok instead. And the baking dishes at that price have sold out.