Yesterday Astrid sat on the chair. She climbed up on her own and sat down. She then climbed up and over the arm of the sofa into the parents-only area (a tray on the back of the sofa) where mummy and daddy put things like remote controls, cups of tea and glasses of wine, Japanese books and books on Paris.


Astrid whizzed up and down, up and down, up and down the sofa, like the blue racer, giggling in great fits of glee. Every now and again she’d stand up and flick through the Paris books and grab at the remotes before resuming the hilarious crawling laps of the sofa.


With her newfound climbing ability Astrid spent the rest of the afternoon jumping up and down on the green chair. All in her lovely new Autumn shorts. Linnet wool exterior and cotton crochet trim, Karen Walker cotton voile lining in navy.