Somehow this morning seemed to organise itself. We arrived in true London fashion twenty minutes late, after making several phone calls from the car to Eireann, who was also running a bit late. Erin, Fatty, Jane and Kate were all there looking very fresh for people who not that long ago were sitting on a long flight.

Lunch was noisy and chatty and everyone was relaxed, apart from Astrid who was having a severe bout of hunger-induced shyness. It’s always so hard to hear in noisy restaurants so I’m sure I spent the entire time asking everyone to repeat themselves *sigh*.

And then our trip to Loop. The new Loop in Camden Passage hooray! Beautiful, like a little house, with an upstairs – and soon even a downstairs too. That’s where the lace knitting class will be. Oh joy!

We got some lovely yarn, stitch holders and some 3.25cm needles seeing as I have utterly nothing – no stuff, no gear. We even forgot the very important papers for the cats, and I forgot my very important aromatherapy papers as well as my precious skincare recipes. My tried and tested recipes. Oops. This is called living without stuff. And it’s really rather a very happy thing.

Tomorrow is pilates again. Monday is Pilates day.

And if you haven’t noticed I’ve been taking my camera out of late.

But back to this morning. By the time it was two o’clock I didn’t want to leave – we all felt right at home with Erin and her family. The blokes had been standing out the front of Loop talking beer, while we took loads of photos, played with wool and talked to the people working there.

More days like this one please Universe.
Today, Today, I liked you.

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