Well I decided to finally look up the meaning of my favourite book, and it means clothes of the early autumn. And here I am making things from this book in wool. But it’s the easy book and a good one for me to become reacquainted with sewing again.

dress detail

Astrid’s green woolen dress also doubles as a bib, especially when worn with matching scarf. We can last at least a few hours before a full change of clothes is in order.

astrid in green dress and scarf

Astrid’s really starting to blossom. She’s such a friendly smiley fun baby and we are enjoying entertaining each other during the day. Nothing like a big squeal from mummy to elicit a huge smile!!

Later this week we’ll be venturing away from Koharu no Fuku into the realms of Onnanoko no Fuku (girls clothes). We’ll be making a long sleeved top with flower and pocket decoration, using some of the beautiful merino I got from the Global Fabrics sale.