Time to celebrate – we are officially moved out of The Cotswolds and officially in to East Sussex. We were still in The Cotswolds last weekend and it’s a huge relief to have all our stuff out of there, and most importantly somebody else in there.

Time to celebrate indeed – and with impeccable timing Cunard released a new wine list and sent us a few bottles to try. We didn’t smash the bubbly on the front door of the house as we might do on the bow had it been a yacht we were christening. Better for us because the Veuve was amazing – I’d love to drink that every Saturday.

After all our crazy hard work moving (and redecorating and looking after the kids all in one day), we deserved it.

To start with it was all a pretty easy move. The movers came, took our heavy furniture and the essentials we could fit in their van. The house looked wonderful – nice and empty and tidy. But last weekend we went back up – totally underestimating just how much was left. Somehow we managed to pile it all into a big van – it took a whole day to load. And at 7.30pm I saw it had a flat tyre – the giant, fully loaded moving van! Ha! Thank heavens for the RAC.

And thank heavens for Cunard sending us the lovely wine as a reward for all our hard work this move – which we just celebrated quietly at home this weekend.

As an old NZ Sauvignon fan I did request the Cloudy Bay Sav. It was always our best wine at home, reserved for very special occasions. I love the passionfruit flavours in the New Zealand savs, and Cloudy Bay is king of the passionfruit aromatics.



I definitely won’t be moving again in a hurry.
Although the rewards have been so worth it – we love it here. And the girls are super at their lovely new (very old) school.