I tidied my desk yesterday. It was all getting just too much. We still haven’t painted the walls white. The garden is getting totally out of hand and I have a very steep and urgent web programming learning curve right now. And all I want to do is sew. And watch re-runs of Spooks.

The garden really does need weeding and more planting, but I did other things this weekend. Like printing 20 each of these from artwork that has been ready since, roughly, July – on some very scrumptious paper indeed. They’ll turn up in the shop one day.

img_0915.jpg img_0917.jpg img_0920.jpg

Yesterday, being Monday, craft day, I was feeling lazy and wanted some instant sewing. Et voila – I just sewed up these vintage swedish linen zip purses who’s pieces have been lying, cut and waiting, in a drawer for months. There are more but the photo was rubbish. I would hazard a guess they’ll most likely end up in the shop at some stage so you can see them then.


I hit fabric nirvana the other week when I found a dude on eBay who had a bolt of yukata fabric, in navy, with a divine lotus print. Oh my. I am forever in Nicky’s debt for introducing me to eSnipe. So I then discovered his shop, with inflated postal charges, but worth it all, just to find another navy bolt – this time with white butterflies. These are the bolts I have been searching for for months. I am now happy to say I can stop. At least for a while anyway.


And the poor old garden – it really is quite a mess! I am waiting until everything has grown a bit until I take a photo because it looks like an unkempt piece of farmland right now. But the berries are out, and the borage I scattered from seed has grown – very exciting that is.


Inspired by Yvonne’s blueberry muffins I planted blueberries this year and I think I’ll get just enough to make one batch. Here they are (bottom left) next to the borage and the coriander outside my office window.


Babychops loves crawling around in the grass – I just need to watch she doesn’t crawl off the edge and into the potato patch. They’re flowering and big now. I think that might mean something.


So tonight I will eat pizza and drink coke (not very macrobiotic is it? Not that I’m especially macrobiotic anymore – although I wish I was) and sew some more. Or just watch two episodes of Spooks in a row and wish I had some hand-sewing to do.