Mr Cat

A few weeks ago Kevin and I went to Heal’s and bought the most amazing sofa in the world ever. We knew it was long. And we knew it might not fit up the stairs. But we secretly wished it would fit up the stairs so we bought it anyway.

And it doesn’t fit up the stairs.

So we have got a really amazing sofa now in the kitchen. And it looks SO amazing there. Except it’s probably going to get a bit dirty and jumped on and stop being such a beautiful special sofa. So this weekend it’s getting moved to the sunroom aka the new office.


It’s going to be a huge disappointment putting the horrid old white IKEA sofa back into the kitchen after the splendour of the Chrysanthemum velvet sofa which has transformed the room into a burst of crimson wonder. Bet you didn’t know sofa is called a couch in New Zealand. Lots of couches on villa verandahs in Auckland. Ha.

Of course you know what this means. Don’t you.
Yes. We are going to have to get another new sofa for the kitchen.
Not as good as the marvellous crimson chrysanthemum. But something that can withstand the children’s mucking about, eating and jumping and generally harassing the cats.

Poor old cats.

Like Hotlips Hoolihan the sofa is. Yeah. That’s a good name for our new sofa. Hotlips Hoolihan.