Feeling slightly nervous suddenly quite terrified about the approaching birthing process I’ve been thinking I must buy another bottle of Mimulus. The last time I needed it was during the time before Astrid was born. In fact I probably finished the entire bottle, which is a) why I sailed through her birth and b) why I couldn’t find it.


bach flower remedies mimulus
chanel magnolia rose nailpolish, black mascara and désert rose duo
weleda iris day cream

materia aromatica rose floral water

Bach Flower Remedies are one of the few things ever in our medicine cabinet. Mimulus is for fear of known things (as opposed to fear of an unknown origin). Since I’ve been taking it I feel much better, not worrying about Astrid falling off the sofa, or being afraid of her constantly hurting herself, or just generally feeling scared about everything in general (which is a fairly characteristic negative fish state of mind).

If you want to find yourself a Bach Flower Remedy they’ve got a cool little remedy chooser to help you decide.

As well as buying Mimulus on Saturday I bought myself a moisturiser. I’ve decided to face the fact I am not going to be making a batch soon for just so many reasons. Although I will again once we’re back in New Zealand, which in the scheme of things, isn’t that far away.

Feeling rather brilliant yesterday morning, with a weightless mind and a silky-soft face (and a new Whistles top), I polished my nails, put on some makeup and up we skipped to Hampstead village for scones. The weekend went so quickly, again. So close now to maternity leave though. With a head full of ideas, colours, patterns, designs and projects I am absolutely bursting to get going.