And remember how I said how sad it was driving up past the place we didn’t rent? And I was really upset that we hadn’t moved there? And while we were up there I decided I really did want to move and this time it really was going to work out.

I know I said we were staying here. Well. Things change.

I could hear myself think up there. There was nothing but us and the landscape and the trees and some nice people. The girls and I had a wonderful week visiting the Farm Park. Going on walks. Driving up to Stow on the Wold for ice cream. No mad London cars everywhere and people and stuff stuff stuff. Just the trees and the land and the sky. And Dad coming up for the weekend.

And when we were out there I was doing a story on Daylesford for Sister Mag, and while I was out in the little buggy doing a tour of the market garden my tour guide Matt and I were talking about life up there and how good it is for the children. And I just thought then and there, this is the life I want. I love it. I am here in a field of vegetables and this is where I want to be.

I found a little cottage for rent on the same estate as the one we didn’t end up renting. And I convinced Kevin he had to stop the car so I could make a phone call and see if we could have a look at it even though we were going back to London in an hour. The landlord came up to see us right away and we looked at it and it was perfect and amazing and brilliant. A bit small, but perfect.

That Sunday I got Astrid’s school application in. Which was accepted. Then declined. Then re-accepted. I arranged to go and visit the school to make sure it was right. It’s a very hard thing taking your children out of a Steiner School where you thought they’d be forever. But the school was good and it has a lot of things the Steiner School doesn’t. And I rang Kevin from the school car park after we visited the school and said it’s perfect and amazing and I love it and we are definitely moving.

We went to the house after that, just to be doubly sure it was right (and to check out what kind of oven was going to go in). The oven passed the oven test with flying colours. The cottage is small but sweet. The girls ran up and down the field that will soon be an orchard and I took some photos.

Today on my desk I have the tenancy agreement ready sign and send off with our deposit. This is it. It’s sad to leave but Oxfordshire is calling very clearly. I’m excited about our new life out there. I’m excited for the girls and them growing up in the English countryside, going to a great school and a truly amazing secondary school. Learning to ride horses. Continuing their ballet. Taking swimming lessons. Having their mum at home to look after them.

New Year Cotswolds here we come!