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Funnily enough, in my favourite little studio next door – the one I see out the window of my little room, were once produced the Rosie Flo colouring books (which are more than just colouring in books because you draw faces, arms and legs and backgrounds too).

I found this out the other day when helping a neighbour with a book he’s publishing – and the first thing I saw upon arriving was a display stand of lovely colourful Rosie Flo books. It would transpire you see, said neighbour is involved in the running of the Rosie Flo publishing empire. Yay for that.

So of course I left with an armful of books, some of which are now in little packages ready for their journeys around the world, but I’ve saved one or two for the blog, so if you’d like one please just leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner or two in about a week.

There’s an AMAZING japanese book too which you can buy easily enough from Amazon – it’s marvellous – it includes illustrations done by famous Japanese artists and drawing and colouring in space for you too.

More Rosie Flo goodness at Amazon.