I ordered this book a while back when I was putting in an order at YesAsia for another book I saw over at Sugarloop.

My order was about five dollars below the free delivery amount. I did think twice before merrily adding it to my basket, as it was expensive. Like $39 expensive. Eep. But it came with a CD and my curiosity was piqued. And why buy an $18 book just to make up numbers. May as well get something good, right? Yes.


It’s a royalty-free pattern book. You can use the patterns for personal and work use – ie for brochures, web layouts, business cards, but you can’t use it to make stuff that you are going to sell – like a range of greeting cards or fabrics for example.

But also – and this is a big but also – it is an amazing design reference book and fabulous for inspiration. It’s got some cute ideas for making stuff too:


The CD contains .eps and .jpg files and a template for a pincushion you can make if you get some inkjet fabric.


There is a total of 140 patterns and it comes with instructions in English on how to use the patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator. Plus instructions on making a wall canvas, shopping bag and aforementioned pincushion.

img_7674.jpg img_7690.jpg img_7691.jpg img_7693.jpg img_7694.jpg img_7692.jpg

Oh, and just so you are prepared – it is petite – around a5 in size.

ISBN: 4-86100-386-5
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