Not officially until next month, but the daffodils say it’s here. Astrid’s on the mend. My lovely new oilcloth arrived today, the sun’s shining and the fresias are flowering and flowering and flowering. How I do so love our garden.


I remember seeing the photos on flickr when the northern hemisphere was starting Spring and I wished it were us. Well now it’s our turn and my heart is happy.

Astrid is looking so much better now – she’s been eating rusks today as you can see. Her swelling and bruising are much better but we’ve still got a week or two until she’s healed. But look – a flat forehead – such wonderfulness – it’s done!!


We’ve had a few more treats in the post recently too – Yvonne sent us some lovely lovely swap goodies – I especially love the little singlet bodysuit she sent for Astrid – I think we’ll use it as togs this summer too. The socks she sent are just so fab – Astrid was wearing the flowery pair when I took this photo so you can’t see them.


She also sent a bag and zip pouch she’d made which smell just utterly divine! And some magazines. The zip pouch is lined with my favourite CK jersey knit and Yvonne embroidered some pretty lanterns and my initials on it. Yay!


The magazines just made me want to run away to Holland and have summer forever. And – you can see Yvonne there on the left with Boo. Now for some reason I didn’t photograph a few bits – but I’ll get them later in action! Thank you Yvonne! We are lucky little kids!!


Thinking about blogland today while I was posting about one in ten – it’s like a little paradise . Such a lovely community which we are so so lucky to be a part of.