We’re in the most perfect time here. London in all its gloriousness. A big part of us doesn’t want to leave. Make that about ninety percent. But I’ve thought about it and I think it just means I’m happy. And I can carry the lovely happiness from here to there. And anywhere I choose to weave my state of mind.

Edith is marvellous and continues to be more marvellous and splendid with each day, each moment, each little second I love her more and more and more. She laughs, she coos, she talks, she gurgles, she bobs her head on my shoulder. She kicks her little cotton-tights-clad-chubby-legs. Edith has bright blue eyes. Bright as little sapphires.

Little Edith Rose. Little mini.
Little miniley moochi-o. Little miniley moochi.