These are grandma's glasses Play!

Well hello. It’s been a while. Rather out of the blue (and after a very loooong Summer holidays) I found myself in the job I’d been wishing for before my sabbatical.

And it’s not what you might think.

Wait for it… interiors writer?

Product designer?
Sort of. Well, yes. I design digital products and services. And just the other week I landed my dream contract – working in a bank. It’s one step closer to my big dream of designing software for financial trading platforms.

So that’s where I’m at.

But I’m also here – while the weekends have become so much more precious – and making our house a home now fills the weekends even more than it did before, when I was working from home.

The first port of call was the bedroom. We’d become a bit too accustomed to all the boxes. Coats and winter duvets piled against the wall in laundry bags. The dresser was covered in kids paper, bits of toys, boxes of jewellery and boxes of bits and bobs.

Wardrobe Dancing

When we left Cornwell Kevin ceremoniously smashed the horrible IKEA bed and took the bits to the tip. The horrible IKEA chest of drawers went the same way. As did the horrible IKEA mattress. Out it all went and in came a new mattress. But no bedbase yet. Secretly the things I love most about bedrooms are:

  • No curtains
  • Mattress on the floor (or preferably on a base about 6 inches high)
  • Staying up late drawing in bed
  • Vases of earlycheers (when they’re in season)
Little corner

The things the girls love most about our bedroom are:

  • Mattress on the floor they can do roly-polys on
  • Mattress on the floor they can chase each other around on and then fall down in a heap
  • Mattress on the floor they can do hands-free cartwheels on (where did they learn that?)

The things Kevin loves most about a bedroom are:

  • Curtains (I am working on this)
  • Peace and quiet (and people not drawing in bed)
  • Peace and quiet (and no kids jumping on him in the morning)

Thanks so much to Furniture Choice for such a fabulous house warming gift. We chose the Sealy Cumbrian Meadow King Size latex mattress. You see it really does go to show you advertising works. I still know the jingle from the ads in New Zealand from the late 80s – get the Sealy Posturepedic feeling, Sealy. Really.


Little red dress