All my instagrams of our lovely time at Daylesford Organic Farm in the Cotswolds

Hello friends. Here, by request, are the instagrams from our trip. It was great fun sharing the natural beauty of the area – and the kitchen shelves – with you!!

You’re all wondering what happened on our last trip.

I didn’t go up on Monday. We went up on Saturday though and loved it all even more. In a wonderful but terrifying way. Terrifying as in it’s so good it can’t possibly be real. Then got home and thought, well, but we need to keep saving money and if we stay in London for a year or two we can carry on saving and buy a house.

So I didn’t go.
Instead I booked a load of weekends back at the cottage. Holidays for the next year. Still some saving. Some time to get to know the area.

That said, I can’t stop thinking about the house. And the school. And the bluebell woods. And all the things I could do with my time if indeed I did live by the bluebell woods.

Oh heart. Oh head.
Wherefore willst thou lead me?

Let’s wait and see what unfolds…

So far to Kate’s blog – a lovely little discovery today. Pages and pages of beautiful prose. Writing of the sort I’m certain bluebell woods would inspire.

- – -
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