Activity levels have been upped a bit in the past week to ‘as high as possible’ due to the upcoming ‘my first ever craft market’ at Coatesville on the 2nd of December – and again on the 16th for a twilight market.

There’s also a bit of a do up at The Cream of Matakana on Sunday for which they want my skincare range. Now that would have been easy, but a new certified organic preservative has only just last week come on the market and I’ve been waiting for that. So tomorrow is going to be one busy day. At least the hair care is ready and I’m bottling hydrosols today and Lavender is back in stock.


I’m having a massive Japan phase right now. My call for help to Japan did not go unanswered and I also found a service which is reasonably priced at for those who are interested. But as things go my usual sources turned up with some fabulous fabrics so I didn’t need to go any further. I just can’t wait for them to arrive. I’ve already used up half each of the two bolts that have come – making summery beach bags.


There’s a bolt or two of beautiful shibori fabric just waiting to become girls clothes. Astrid will be getting the first two skirts to come off the production line. Here’s the cut fabric sitting underneath a bunch of chirimen ribbon.


This whole shibori thing got me thinking I might dye some onesies because Astrid and white just do not go together. I did some research on indigo dye and found this – but still too much effort right now. So I found an indigo blue tin of Dylon and it looks pretty good to me. The red I think was a once off – but it actually looks really cute on!


Yars dahling, it’s not tie-die you know. It’s shibori dahling.


After spending days and days making these halter neck tops I decided I’d figure out an easier and faster way to make something similar. A simple 80cm length of yukata fabric, folded, sewn like a skirt with chirimen cord attached – and voila – an easy sun dress! All headed off to Coatesville craft market, and if not sold, then on to Matakana. If anyone would like anything here please email me as it won’t be going in the shop this time.


This is the best ever piece of yukata fabric I’ve found. I only got 80cm of it. I think it’s from around the 50s and the cotton is heavy, the weave a bit looser. Oooh it’s just divine. And I so love the colour. Here’s Astrid coupling the new dress with her indigo dyed onesie.


The Christmas project was started weeks ago. It’s so simple. All I need to do is cut out the lining and sew. But I haven’t got around to it yet. The blue linen is a vintage Swedish runner (of course) with natural linen from Martha’s as backing. I think I’ll just line them with white cotton.


Of course the Liberty delivery has been as well for the month. This is the latest loot!


The garden’s going great guns. The potatoes are huge and the tomatoes are growing like mad. The seedlings are all settled in now and I’m looking forward to watching them grow. It’s a bit hard to see, but things are happening!


Oh – and here’s the bunny I finished up at Sandy Bay.


Right. The printer’s about to come with a proof and then hydrosols await their bottling session. Hooray!