1) Ostheimer big oak tree 2) Ostheimer Rabbit 3) Ostheimer brown horse 4) Ostheimer yellow hurdle 5) Ostheimer white horse 6) Child’s wooden trug 7) Small Work Gloves 8) Caldene Riding hat 9) Child’s Jodphur boots

Now we’re leaving the Steiner School and moving to the country, I was thinking, oh great, I’m going to buy the girls plastic Disney Snow White and Rapunzel dolls for Christmas. And then Esther (who is NOT leaving the Steiner School) asked me whether I’d thought about the environmental impact of buying such toys.

Ah, nope. So there goes the cheap plastic toy idea and we are back to Steiner stuff that won’t get broken in five minutes. That won’t get chucked out by us in our monthly black-bin plastic round-ups. We’ll be doing a lot of gardening and going riding every week so useful things on top of a bit of play I think is a good balance.

They won’t be getting much though. I’ve quit my old job career. We’re moving to Oxfordshire. Our new house is about a quarter of the size of the current one. And really there is just no point in buying more crap that just ends up chucked on the floor just for the sake of getting them stuff for Christmas.

What do you think? Is this enough for Christmas? Or too much?