Notari twigs fabric from Reprodepot. I’ve just got it off the line and it’s washed up absolutely beautifully. And now I see they’ve sold out in the natural. Strange. Things have been selling out left right and centre of late.


Kaffe Fasset shot cotton. Wonderful and lovely all at the same time. This yellow is most marvellous also. I’d had mustard and ecru in my basket for obviously too long, and they were sold out when I went to buy them. It took at least another hour to decide on these.

img_1793.jpg Robe Rouge and Travaux et Mode. These I can happily say are not sold out.

Robe Rouge is very simple, linen, crisp and clean.


Just a few simple designs – dresses, pants, tops – to keep one well wardrobed.


Travaux et Mode on the other hand has just the one simple skirt design, with many groovy ways to dress it up. Using applique, embroidery, colour and texture there’s an entire wardrobe of skirts in this little book. There’s a white horizontal pleat skirt, a shoe skirt, brightly coloured arty ones, subtle earthy ones. A multitude of skirts for people who like a bit of fun with their fashion.


44 times two – Alison‘s and my new online art exhibition. Gosh it’s good to be photographing again – actually getting the camera out when I see something great – something I’ve not really been doing these past few months. I’ve had so little time. We post twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays. A new diptych up today. We’re really having fun with it.

And finally, today I also love laundry baskets.

Kevin came home one day this week announcing that Lee’s cat had become trapped in their neighbours house just before the neighbours had gone on holiday, and the cat was yowling from out the upstairs window, so Lee went and got a ladder and climbed up, laundry basket in tow. The cat happily jumped into the laundry basket and the resuce was successful.

Last night Oscar was stuck up on our roof. Rufus obviously hasn’t shown him the way down yet. No amount of coaxing could get him to go to Kevin, teetering atop our outdoor table, arms eagerly outstretched. Half an hour and many mosquito bites later we remembered the laundry basket story. Oscar happily obliged and was down in seconds. This is a rescue operation I can now carry out single-handedly without needing a tall person. A good thing because Oscar was stuck again this morning.

Hooray for laundry baskets indeed.