Shinzi Katoh Japanese shop tutorial

First you’ll want to follow this link to get to the shop.


Then you’ll want to add some stuff to your cart – that’s the really fun part !

ooh, and the scroll box at the bottom of the pages holds little secret treasures – ignore at your own peril…


Once you’ve got everything you need head to your cart. If you’re stuck, click on the cart button:


Step 1: Once you’re at the cart you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right amounts of each item and update if necessary. For postage, you just choose a random amount and they will give you exact postage when they send you the total cost. They’ve got a shipping chart here.


Step two: Enter your payment and shipping details. Note they don’t take PayPal – but they do take credit card – you need to fax the number through, or send it in two emails. I would recommend you fax your card details. They send you details and the fax number once they’ve received your order.


If you are getting an error after this page, copy and paste the error message into google translate. Then go back to this page and correct the error. It might be that you need to select credit card payment, or you missed a field.

Step three: Check your details are correct and confirm order.


Step four: Success! You will receive a confirmation email, and then another email with the total amount and their fax number. Or, you can split your credit card numbers up and send by email although this isn’t really a very secure method. If they can intercept one email, they can intercept them all.







8 responses to “Shinzi Katoh Japanese shop tutorial”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    This is brilliant. I once muddled through a german site and managed to check out smoothly. But Japanese is a whole different ball game.

    Thank you for this! *bookmarking*

  2. Elaine avatar

    Thank you for this Charlotte! Will surely come in handy!

  3. Yvonne avatar

    Yay!! I just placed an order using your tutorial. I can’t wait!! Thanks so much for doing this :o)

  4. Jacqui avatar

    This is fantastic.

    I have printed out and made notations on a similar website – I can’t read the Japanese very well myself.

  5. Carla avatar

    thank you sooo much.
    your directions are perfect!

  6. dians avatar

    WOW, this is so great!!! Thanks for posting 😉 I’m going to order soon. Just one thing though, your items arrived safely?

  7. unepetitebricole avatar

    I love this tutorial!!! I’ve created a link from my blog if you don’t mind! 🙂 Oh no my wallet will freak, more shopping!!!

  8. Anne Marie avatar

    This is just a brilliant tutorial, but ohhh so dangerous!

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