Avondale market loot

We got off to a most excellent start today when we found a free parking space just outside the market. I was a bit worried as I only had $25 in cash – what if we saw something really good that was expensive!! The first thing we saw was $45 – an old magnolia painting which Tammy would have loved. Oh well. On we went until we found a stall with lots of really good stuff – Johnson Bros etc but it was all chipped, but I bought an old midwinter saucer that needed rescuing for 50c.

Then we came across a lady and her daughter with a huge stall selling old bits of fabric, a big jar of knitting needles, an art deco birdcage and a collection of cat books. They were eating mussels and chips out of newspaper. We unearthed a rather peculiar Japanese cat photo comic strip book which I knew Kevin would like!! He’s now taken it to Simon’s to show him.

And I just get a mysterious text message this minute: “miaow help your evil friend has stolen our clothes and now we are just naked kittens again”. hmm!

That was only $2 and the knitting needs were 50c a pair. Yay for the massive wooden ones!!!!

Onwards ho to a man with the Albert Williams print. I had actually bought this exact same one but in a different frame a few weeks ago. Today’s one was half the price at $5 and the frame is much nicer so I bought it anyway.

We also got some very sweet little books with lovely illustrations by Joan Walsh Anglund.

It started to rain at that time – something I had anticipated but not prepared for. Fortunately it didn’t last as I was worried Kevin would want to leave. Next up was a very sweet little Pallisy rose tea cup – it’s crazed and cracked but I love it to bits!

And at the shop next door were some sweet little white espresso sized cups – a similar finish to my lone Habitat mug. There was a carlton-ware-esque egg cup which I wanted too, so I offered a dollar for the three and the guy wanted $2. His partner said 50c so we were back to $1 for the lot – and as he agreed his hand somehow caught one of the little white cups and we watched it fall on the grass – and spray in shards everywhere!

So, time to go home now – there couldn’t be anything good left – we were nearly at the end. I had to get up on tippy toes to look at the next stall as there was a guy in front of me and some stuff in front on the ground.

What a sweet little set – the sugar bowl and creamer. To my amazement it was only $5 and the next plate I turned over was Midwinter at $1. So $5 for the lot. Yes.

Wrapped and paid I decided not to leave and asked after the unusual cup and saucer and pineapple plate. Again Midwinter.

And this time $4 for both! Yay! I paid, wrapped and ran away before he could ask for it all back! Kevin didn’t say anything and walked quickly. He knows that look. hehe!

So, with about a dollar twenty left out of my budget I can’t remember what I see at the next stall and we wander off and then I go back. Sundae glasses. We’ll need those then. Yes, we can afford 10c for 5. Cool!

Nearly buy a chrome teapot, creamer and sugar pot for 10c but can’t be bothered, opting instead for 5 little sherry glasses – or fairy cups as I think I shall now call them. The guy had had a good day he told us and we were doing him a favour. So, all nicely wrapped thank you and in tiny plastic bags our loot, off we go back to the car swinging our arms in delight!

Total spend: $25 (about £8) !






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  1. Barb avatar

    I’d have walked a mile through mud, in the pouring rain in my knickers, with no umbrella AND spent all of the $25 just on the sweet yellow covered sugar bowl and creamer! Great finds…

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