In between the Nervous and Endocrine systems

Oh god I am really getting over study. It’s been a month now of it full time. I promised Kevin I wouldn’t get distracted today, which I haven’t really. It simply takes a whole day to do one system. And unfortunately I don’t have enough days left to get them all done so I am not learning them as thoroughly as I would like to. Never mind. It seems to be sticking. And of course I have an evening of study to look forward to as well.

Anyway, I cheated about not doing any blogging and took some photos of my study area just for something fun to do.

Had acupuncture this morning. Was too scared (or too lazy to be brave) to have needles in my sinuses as I currently have weak Defensive Qi and excess Heart Yang (stress, disturbed sleep) and phlegm. Humpf no cheese for me then this week. So I have promised to eat more brown rice as I haven’t been that interested in cooking much lately with my life so utterly filled with essential oils, oriental medicine and anatomical systems. I have however been very interested in Beetniks from Burgerfuel. Small sized burger with chickpea, mushroom and kumara pattie with beetroot and salad. Yum. They really ought to do something about their website though. If you want to see the menu you have to download a PDF. Why? Why why why?

The state of New Zealand websites however is the subject of another post. And on that note I think I shall go and make a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.







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