Baby Knits for Beginners

Here’s a book I got out of the library by Debbie Bliss called Baby Knits for Beginners. Project one is a simple garter stitch scarf and project two looks like I can tackle it – a patchwork baby quilt. I’m using some cotton DK I bought at Loop in London although I realised I only have two balls of it which I’ve almost used up.

Fortunately someone in NZ does sell it – a lady called Cait who’s in Herne Bay. She sounds great – when I called her up we chatted for quarter of an hour about fabrics and Japan – so I’m looking forward to meeting her next week when I go and visit her studio.

Yes, so I have found joining the library excellent and saving me a lot. I simply cannot order books like I used to in the UK as it’s nearly double the cost here. So I just order what I want online and pick it up from Grey Lynn library. Cool. Am eagerly awaiting the Shibori book to come free, but I do have waiting for me one of Jenny Dean’s Natural Dyeing books. The brilliant one that Mel lent me, Wild Color, appears now to be out of print and difficult to track down at a reasonable price.







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