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Unbelievable how time flies – it’s been absolutely months since I last wrote here. I put my back out not long after my last post and spent weeks knitting little squares for the baby blanket which I still haven’t finished.

Then we moved house – yes we did end up buying the big family house in Mt Albert – it’s absolutely wonderful although we do need to paint the interior white which is a job I’m not quite ready for yet.

I passed my aromatherapy exams with flying colours and now I need to hand in my assignments (watch this space soon for more time wasting when I’m supposed to be doing those).

And then of course we had a baby, little Astrid, who is two months old today and I now finally feel ready to actually do things other than simply feeding her all the time.

It’s been rather odd having two months off work and I am definitely feeling ready to be starting to do things again. Although I turned down a photography job today as I suddenly realised I know nothing about childcare – what would I do with Astrid!

My skincare range is coming together with my midwife Luise being my first paying client. I’ve just made her a big 250ml pot of amazing Lavender body lotion that smells of caramel. This time it’s got moonstone in it. Moonstone is good for all things to do with women and children so it’s certainly appropriate for the midwifeness of Luise.







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