March 1st

Well hooray. I have been inspired to start getting up early again. Astrid has only woken up once in the night the past 2 days so I actually feel able to get up at 7:30 again. It’s very exciting – I love the mornings – 6:30 is better as it’s so still, peaceful and clean, but for now 7:30 is good for me!

I have also been inspired by the 3191 site to take a photo every morning, so for the 1st of March here’s my first morning photo – my favourite ever shoes, which must be nearing six years old now, plus some of Astrid’s stuff on the floor of her room.

Another benefit of getting up early is there seems to be time to do those things one has been putting off for such a long time, so today the rosewood spoons got their long awaited oiling – hurrah! Lucky little spoons. I so love them.

I am drinking a cup of tea and I think it is time for me to realise I am totally allergic to caffeine. One sip of my earl grey and I want to be sick. Oh dear. That’s it for tea for me. Boo hoo.






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