My birthday wishlist

Just for fun here is my imaginary birthday wish list:

  • This necklace
  • a glue gun ($2.95 from TradeMe)
  • a lomo holger camera and some film for it ($99 from TradeMe)
  • some new sewing scissors that are never to be used in the kitchen ever
  • a pair of pinking shears (as above)
  • a reel of red cotton
  • some polaroid film
  • a trip to a west coast beach
  • a babysitter for the night and dinner at the grove,
    fish and chips on cheltenham beach with family and friends
  • the rotring sketch pen I have on hold at the french art shop ($44)
  • a selection of fluidine (especially purple and green and dark canary yellow) from the french art shop to go with the rotring sketch pen
  • a trip to the French Art shop for a selection of coloured paper for use as photographic backgrounds for my skincare products







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