Faeries / fashion

It was a slight bugger my two best photos of the day are vertical. This one is of Astrid’s pohutukawa faerie – a lovely gift from Sandii and Jared and Mercedes. It’s very lovely indeed.

And in the shower I was thinking about my daily photography ritual and concluded I may photograph my shoes, each morning, and see how many days I get seeing as I seem to have started yesterday. Which led me to thinking about how we are supposedly defined by which brands we wear, but it really goes deeper than that as to which items of a brand we wear, and how we wear it.

I sometimes have thought, for example, “I am wearing a miu miu skirt and shoes, a versace cardigan and an M&S t-shirt, swinging my little mandarina duck handbag and still look incredibly scruffy.” I secretly enjoy thinking that. I especially like wearing my green nylon raincoat with my camper boots and a knee-length skirt.

Which reminds me of how I decide whether or not I’m going to get a coffee and pastry – only if there is a carpark on the row right outside the bakery can I go in. I like that rule. Some people I know are terrible at making decisions. Like Caroline. She is utterly incapable of deciding anything at all, which she freely admits. But when she does decide or know something she is, according to her boyfriend Lars, like a little dictator. Which I find incredibly funny! Because he is totally right. And she freely admits that too!







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