Babies and coffee / dare digital

This morning we’re off to babies and coffee with the remaining few of us from ante natal classes who have kept in touch. So for the occasion I am donning my, sorry to say, relatively new, Converse. Purchased in Carnaby Street when I was working at dare, so around January 2006. Gosh that’s only just over a year ago. I wore these shoes just about every day I was there as most of my time was spent running up and down their three floors, organising stuff. It was there I took a wee break from designing and became traffic manager – it was actually quite fun spending all my time talking to people and fitting the pieces of work together with the people. Especially when there weren’t enough people to do the work, or enough desks to sit freelancers at.

Today there is dew on the grass and the light is lower than usual. I am excited – it will be getting cooler soon and it’s strange to think that other parts of the world now are entering into spring. I take my mind back to our garden in London and imagine it being very cold there right now, but the days getting slowly longer and lighter…







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